So; 2017 hey? And FEBRUARY 2017?!

Not sure where January went, but here we are with the first edition of the JP Squad newsletter. The blog has been replicated here on my website but be sure to sign up here if you want to receive the extra downloads and exclusive videos that will only be available if you have signed up to the mailing list!

2016 was a huge year for me, I always think there’ll be a year where things will slow down a bit, but so far that hasn’t happened…obviously in this industry, that’s a very good thing.

Here’s an amazing wrap up of the year compiled by FOJP star Sabi.

2017 looks like another busy one. We’ll have some announcements about a special release and some touring that I’m REALLY excited about, so stay tuned on the mailer to get access to exclusive tix etc.

The name! I asked you guys for some suggestions, and one that really resonated was the JP SQUAD. This name is an informal mob of legends that started up in QLD as part of the FOJP community, so it feels only right to expand on something as organic as that!

Last year I also finally released my Psych rock side project Bolterz. You can hear all the music here on Spotify and iTunes.

I also made available all of the An Empty Flight catalogue, which was my first band, before I went and got all sensitive and singer songwriterly. Check it on Spotify and iTunes.

Streaming is a complicated but super important way of getting music out there today….I would be VERY grateful if you felt like sharing the below playlist around! Here’s a playlist of eclectic songs I love, (including a few of my own!), that I’ll be adding to every month, so please listen and follow! I also wanted to share a couple of other Spotify playlists with you. My song The Summer was added to this pretty great playlist and Leeward Side was added to this one last month. A song called “What You’re thinking” that I performed with ol’ mate Passenger years ago was added to this playlist.

In other news, super excited to be offering the JP Partnership again this year, in collaboration with APRA AMCOS. Last years winner, Alex Lahey, has been kicking goals everywhere, and is looking to have another massive year in 2017. It’s such an honour to be able to offer this grant, so please get involved, spread the word and let’s get another amazing Aussie artist off the ground to a running start!