I mentioned last time that I get all your messages in response to this email address, and I’ve decided to respond to one/some every month.

This month I got a great question from Luke G, who (paraphrasing) asked:

I’ve often wondered what you meant when you wrote: “Even in corners, there lies a glory when all of our doors swell up in their frames,” and “I know now our minds are a made up thing.”

This is from the song titled Even in Corners. I wrote this song between Memories and Dust and the album it appears on, Chimney’s Afire.

The song in general was a way for me to process the passing of time, and the confronting nature of that for me. It’s a theme that comes up a lot with me. 

In many ways, I feel very much the same now as I did when I was a child exploring my grandparents house. Finding things from other peoples’ lives, and feeling connected to them through those things. Both my grandparents have now passed away, but that feeling, and the way I hold those memories and how those memories are often triggered by the minutia of everyday life and experiences remains.

So, even in corners, where the dust motes are pooling in a shaft of sunlight, there’s often something there that will trigger a feeling of connectedness to the world, or a place, or a person, or a memory. 

I was living in a share house in Newtown when I wrote that song, and the doors swelled up when it was damp, making it hard to close or open doors. It made me think of how many strangers lives had crossed over in the period of the house being in existence, struggling with the same doors at different times, possibly struggling with similar issues in their lives at different points in history. It was just something i was exploring I guess. 

The line “our minds are a made up thing”, was a recurring theme on that record. I mention it again in Don’t Wanna let You Down, where I explain it more fully. I’m basically saying we “make up” or create our own minds. Our identity, who we are, who we’ll become, is of our own invention, and at some point we all commit to that self imposed idea to varying degrees. 

I was reading about entropy and chaos theory at the time, as well as really deciding who I was going to be as an adult in the world. I was “making up” my own mind as I was going along. It was just a play on the words, and the concept of a “made up thing”, both a description of commitment, and of creation.

Hope that clears that up! Feel free to ask anything else…relationship advice? I’ve got you covered 😉

Got an idea for a tour or a song I should cover? Let me know.


I’ve been doing some more writing and recording this month.

I had the pleasure of hanging out recording an acoustic version of a song with Dean Lewis

I think that will be on his Spotify profile in the next month or so.

Dean is a great musician and it was super fun to track this song at my place. He appeared at my door dressed exactly as I was, down to the shoes. It was clear we were going to get along!

I also did some filming and recording of audio with the always amazing Jefferton James. We’ve been working on a project together that will be coming to you soon.

It’s been really gratifying to do; it all feels very cathartic….any guesses what this whole thing is that I’ve been hinting at?!


Last year I played a great show in the beautiful Bunswick Heads, after the show I was approached by a gentleman named Andrew Doriean and we got chatting.

He’s a luthier and is making, amongst other things, beautiful octave guitars. He incredibly generously offered to make me one, and I got it this month, and I have to say, it is AMAZING!

I’ve already written a few ideas on it, and also found that it fits a song that i was previously playing on the Ukulele way better.

Thank you so much Andrew! I look forward to playing your creation for year to come!

You can check out his work at the site below:


(And no, I’m not sitting on my cat!)


I was also alerted to two random mentions of me in strange places this month.

A mate of mine was flying Delta Airlines in the USA and came across this question in their inflight music quiz….it appears he got the answer correct.

And 8 years after the Make You Happy clip first appeared, an image made it’s way into a French magazine.

The internet is a strange and mysterious ocean, where information makes many random journeys.

Have you guys come across my music in any unexpected places? I hear it in Bunnings quite a lot.

Hit reply and let me know.

I’m truly fascinated by how art/music navigates the world after it’s been made. I think it’s the best thing about the internet and the lack of boundaries it has. Of course that creates a whole other set of concerns, but that’s a discussion for another time.


This months Live Session is a new song. It’s called Some Things Must Be Taken. I’d be interested to know what you guys might think it’s about, as I never know how metaphorical I’m really being!

Again, it’ll be fun to see how this song takes shape over the period between writing and actually recording it down the line.

As always, If you enjoyed that version you can download the track here!


Just another quick reminder of the NZ tour dates! Super excited to be heading over soon.

PLEASE pass these on to any NZ folks you may know, as it truly helps!

Apparently the people of Auckland are the 5th most numerous listeners of my music on Spotify, so I’ll be very interested to see how that correlates, if at all, with punters at the shows.


I’ve added a few tracks to the JP SQUAD Spotify playlist, please SHARE it around if you so please, always good to share music with people!

I’ve included a track or two from the acts supporting me in NZ this month too.

And don’t forget to check out my psych side project Bolterz and my first punk band; An Empty Flight.

See you next month!


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