Hey JP Squad!

How are you all? Well I hope.

It’s been a pretty productive month this side of things, writing, demoing, and gearing up for this big thing I keep alluding to.  

At the start of Feb, I went down to Melbourne to finish a track with John Castle. For those who don’t know, John co-produced the last two records I’ve done, and is an amazing all around musical guy. We were mixing and adding some final instrumentation to a song called Into the Wind. It was awesome to work with him again. 

It’s a track I wrote during a hang out session at my studio with the very talented Dustin Tebbutt.

I headed back to Sydney, and mastered the song at 301 Studios with Steve Smart, and gave you guys a snippet on Facebook.

This track is part of something that I’m EXTREMELY excited about… so stay tuned!

A while back, the wonderful Catherine Britt approached myself and some other musician mates to get involved in a song she was doing.

The song was called FU Cancer, and it was a light hearted take on something very serious. Catherine has experienced her own battle with breast cancer, and wanted to release the song to raise money for cancer research.

I happily got involved, and the song was a lot of fun….we even ended up performing it live at the Basement in Sydney, and it was a blast. 

A few months later, the song was awarded Best Vocal Collaboration at the Tamworth Country music Awards… now I have  GOLDEN GUITAR!!!!! 

The song is still available and all proceeds go to cancer research.


I’ve been to NZ a few times now and loved it. Culturally and environmentally, it’s a hard place not to love. About 10 years ago I toured NZ with Youth Group, and it was bloody great. But after that, I only returned as a holidaying tourist. Not really sure why now, just one of those things that slipped through the cracks i guess.

After being there again last year on another amazing holiday, I decided it was time to throw my hat in the ring again. So! I’m heading over in April and am super excited. I’m particularly excited to play a show with an old friend, Ed, but who goes by the name of Dictaphone Blues. Ed and I used to work at Fish Records together many years ago, and he’s legit.

Please pass the news on to any NZ folks you may know, as despite the great touring I’ve done this side of the pond, I truly don’t know what I’m walking into over there! Hehe!

Tour Dates

Wed 19 Apr 2017 – The Wine Cellar, Auckland

Thu 20 Apr – Blue Smoke, Christchurch

Fri 21 Apr – Caroline, Wellington


In the last few months, I’ve been collaborating on a great new project with the amazing Justine Clarke! Justine and I are both ambassadors for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, and released a song called Words Make the World Go Around, to raise money for the ILF.

You can still get that song here.

We became mates and have continued to write songs together. It’s so much fun writing kids songs! I’m not sure if i can mention the project name, so I won’t, but rest assured Justine fans, she’s doing something new, and it’s going to be awesome.

I’ll fill you in when I can!

I’ve been alluding to something new coming out for a while. Just to avoid disappointment, it’s NOT a brand new album. BUT, it is something that I’m super proud of, and does include some brand new songs, as well as some songs that most people won’t have heard.

One of the new songs is called Into the Wind, which I wrote with Dustin Tebbutt.

On the 2nd March, I spent the day with Jefferton James, working on a clip for this song. I reckon it’s going to be really good!

On Saturday the 4th March the mighty Living End played a sold out show at the Taronga Zoo Twilight Sessions. Chris had asked me a while back to get up and play a few songs with them, and I (obviously) said yes. It was awesome to see the guys in full swing. Many years ago when I was playing in a punk band called Phloem, we actually supported Blink 182 and the Living End at a small venue called Caringbah Bizzos. At that point, it was by far the best/biggest show I’d ever done. I love that so many years later, TLE are still going strong, and that I was able to share a stage with them again, albeit in a slightly different capacity from last time.



I’ve added a few tracks to the JP SQUAD Spotify playlist this month.

Please share it if you can, it’s building in such a great way, let’s spread the love!

You can listen to and follow my Spotify here!