Hey everyone! As you may know the wonderful Friends of Josh Pyke has been shut down, so that the amazing Sabi can focus on her growing success in the music industry.

BUT… Having such an incredible and engaged community around my music has been such an amazing gift, and I’d love to keep that going in some way.

As you may ALSO know, the fact that FACEBOOK algorithms change constantly, means my posts will never reach the whole lot of you….

SO…. I’ve decided to start a monthly email blog, which will wrap up social media activity, include some exclusive content (live recordings, filmed performances etc.), concert ticket pre-sales, as well as Spotify playlists and whatever else has floated my boat that month!

That way, the news will definitely reach the people who want it!

So please make sure you’re signed up to the mailing list, and get ready for some big announcements this year!!

As always, thanks for your amazing ongoing support, and please SHARE this as it always helps a lot!


Link to sign up: