Books and Other Projects


The Incredible Runaway Snot

Eric the snot liked his life quite a lot stuck up a nose in a cosy old spot . . . But life for a snot is no bed of roses. It’s snot easy for snots to stay in their noses! A delightfully funny, runny adventure by award-winning singer/songwriter, Josh Pyke. Illustrated by Heath McKenzie


Lights Out, Leonard

A cheeky story about night-time fears from award-winning Australian singer and songwriter Josh Pyke.

Leonard doesn’t like bedtime, especially when there’s a five-nosed, seven-tailed, eleven-handed, scaly-waily monster hiding in the corner of his bedroom. It seems like Leonard will never sleep again … until he discovers a mysterious book called How to Frighten Monsters. Illustrated by Chris Nixon.

A Banana is a Banana

From household name Justine Clarke (actress, singer, children’s entertainer) and musician extraordinaire Josh Pyke comes a laugh-out-loud picture book based on the song ‘A Banana is a Banana’. Paired with bright illustrations by award-winner Heath McKenzie this story champions the fun kids can have with words, rhymes and a bit of imagination.

Other Music Projects

Sword Owls

Named after his 5-year-old son’s schoolyard rock band, Sword Owls is the solo rock/indie adventure that Josh Pyke undertook over the course of his hiatus in 2018. 


In 2016 Josh Pyke and David Cotsios (of Peter Fonda) released songs from one of several side projects, culminating in a 5 track EP.

Basement Birds

An Australian indie pop rock group which formed in 2009 and comprised Kevin Mitchell (of Jebediah, aka Bob Evans), Steve Parkin (ex-Vinyl, Autopilot, solo), Josh Pyke and Kavyen Temperley (of Eskimo Joe). The members’ mutual love of lush vocal harmonies and alt-country style was the basis for forming the project.